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MIDDLE CLASS NO LONGER MAJORITY “There are now more low-income and high-income Americans combined than there are people in the middle class, a [Pew Research Center] study released Wednesday found.” [Lydia O’Connor, HuffPost]

SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTERS LONG RADICALIZED The FBI announced the couple first spoke about jihad and martyrdom online during their courtship in 2013, long before the rise of ISIS. [NYT]

THE FEAR OF RESTRICTIONS DRIVING GUN SALES “’President Obama has actually been the best salesman for firearms,’ said Brian W. Ruttenbur, an analyst with BB&T Capital Markets, a financial services firm.” [NYT]

‘I MADE IT BACK IN, DONALD’ “I returned to the U.S. less than 24 hours after Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims.” [Akbar Shahid Ahmed, HuffPost]

PLANNED PARENTHOOD SHOOTER CALLS HIMSELF ‘WARRIOR FOR THE BABIES’ Robert Lewis Dear also yelled out, “I’m guilty, there will be no trial.” [Ryan Grenoble, HuffPost]

ONLY THREE CONGRESSMEN SHOWED UP TO A HEARING ON THE NUMBER ONE INFECTIOUS KILLER IN THE WORLD To put that in perspective, Ebola, which killed over 11,000 people, was a media circus on the Hill. Tuberculosis kills 4,100 a day. [Lauren Weber, HuffPost]

ANGELA MERKEL NAMED TIME’S PERSON OF THE YEAR It has been 29 years since the last female person of the year. [Willa Frej, HuffPost]

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THE SYRINGE THAT COULD FILL BULLET WOUNDS IN UNDER 20 SECONDS The technology, used on the battlefield, has been approved for use on the American public. [HuffPost]

‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ DOMINATES AT SAG NOMINATIONS And the underdog film “Trumbo” also cleaned up. [Variety]

‘A 2015 HATER’S GUIDE TO THE WILLIAMS-SONOMA CATALOG’ Also known as how to spend all your money on the holidays. [Deadspin]

HOW TO BE POPULAR “Popular people all have one thing in common: Their brains are more sensitively attuned to other people’s popularity. One reason popular people are popular, it seems, is because, at a neural level, they care about popularity.” [New York Magazine]

A SHOCKINGLY LITTLE AMOUNT OF RUNNING IS INCREDIBLY GOOD FOR YOU But you have to do just this little amount. Come on, you’ve got this. [HuffPost]

ONLY JESSE TYLER FERGUSON COULD MAKE CANCER FUN The “Modern Family” star thanked his doctor for his cancer treatment on Instagram. [HuffPost]

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‘A CARBON-FREE WORLD’ Take a look at what each country’s energy mix would be without carbon. [National Geographic]

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A VETERAN ONLY SHOT AT BY AMERICANS “Since I left the military in 2006, I have been shot at, or been in the presence of a gunman, three times.” [HuffPost]


~ Crack open President Barack Obama’s favorite book of the year.

~ Democrats to highlight gun control in 2016 battleground states.

~ The Pentagon has proposed a “string of overseas bases” for the fight against ISIS.

~ Is Mitt Romney Donald Trump’s kryptonite?

~ According to The Wall Street Journal, this is the worst day of the week to buy a plane ticket.

~ Walmart to start taking mobile pay.

~ Facebook’s Year in Review features a lot of “Star Wars.”

~ “Brokeback Mountain” turns 10.

~ The change coming to Army dog tags to stop identity theft.

~ Everyone is obsessed with Emma Watson and Kate Middleton’s haircuts.

~ The family Christmas dance video to put your mamba to shame.

~ The first in vitro puppies are here!

~ Meet “Instagram Husband.”

~ Want to clean out your Facebook friends? This will do the trick.

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