Things You May Have Missed In New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer –

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The latest trailer in for the upcoming Star Wars movie finally premiered, capping off an eventful day that also saw a brand new poster and tickets going on sale for the new film.

And while you’ve likely watched that trailer a hundred times by now, there are a few clever reveals, hints, and call backs that you might have missed.

The newest glimpse of Star Wars: The Last Jedi offered a lot of new information, teasing more of the epic dogfights, shootouts, and duels fans expect to see in a Lucasfilm production.

Some of the scenes are more obvious than others, as evidenced by the strong declarations and foreboding monologues that punctuate the intense visuals of the trailer. And some are more subdued, only coming clear upon multiple viewings and a keen eye for details.

The latest film in the Skywalker saga is shaping up to be yet another amazing film in the franchise, and we’ve compiled some of the scenes you might not have noticed that will help make it so.

Read on to see some of the coolest moments from the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi that you might have missed.


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