Tesla punches up battery life, range and speed for new Model S, Model X – CNBC

The battery will also be available as an upgrade to P90D Ludicrous owners of both models for $20,000, and to customers who have ordered a P90D, for $10,000. Ludicrous mode originally debuted as a $7,500 hardware upgrade to the P85D, that boosted the current from the battery and delivered more power to the motor.

“This has been a very difficult development,” Musk said, “going from roughly 90 to a 100″ was “more like a 50 percent increase in difficulty.”

Musk said that production volume will be “quite low because of the challenge of making such a complex pack.”

“It is a very expensive car,” Musk said,”but it is important to bear in mind that this is what is paying for the Model 3″ both in terms of cash flow, and in terms of research and development.

The Model 3 is a smaller, more affordable electric car currently in development.

Oppenheimer’s Rusch is still not convinced Tesla’s merger with SolarCity will pay off, and is not bullish on the stock overall. But he does believe the owners of Tesla’s high-models will “pony up” for these upgrades.


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