Sweden may reject thousands of asylum applications – CNN

At least 24 people — 10 of them children — drowned in the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Greece after their boat capsized Wednesday evening, a Greek coast guard representative told CNN.

Forty-five people were on the boat when it sank.

Meanwhile, anti-immigration sentiment continues to rise throughout Europe, spurred in part by reports of mass sex assaults committed on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and other German cities that may have been carried out by migrants.

British Prime Minister David Cameron came under fire Wednesday for his own comments about “a bunch of migrants” during a session of Parliament.

On Thursday, the UK Home Office announced that it will take in more unaccompanied child refugees from Syria and other conflict regions, though it’s not clear how many.

It will be up to the United Nations to identify “several hundred children” to be resettled in the UK, in addition to the country’s pre-existing commitment to settle 20,000 refugees from camps near Syria.


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