Sen. Cassidy’s Obamacare repeal bill gets blasted by the health secretary of his home state – Los Angeles Times

Senate Republicans are preparing to vote on their last-gasp Affordable Care Act repeal bill without estimates from the Congressional Budget Office of its effects on the deficit, health insurance coverage, or premiums. So someone else has to step in to inform the senators of the measure’s grim consequences.

Enter Rebekah Gee, the secretary of the Department of Health in Louisiana—which happens to be the home state of the measure’s chief sponsor, Sen. Bill Cassidy. In a letter to Cassidy dated Monday, Gee offers chapter and verse on how the bill would cut health coverage for 433,000 of Cassidy’s constituents enrolled in Medicaid expansion; eliminate protection for people with pre-existing medical conditions, driving many of them into the “increasingly battered and tattered safety net of public assistance”; and threaten the health of “the unborn and their mothers.”

Like all the GOP repeal proposals before it, Gee wrote, Cassidy’s bill “uniquely and disproportionately hurts Louisiana due to our recent expansion and high burden of extreme poverty.” Gee calculates that the bill’s elimination of expansion and capping of federal funding to states would cost Louisiana $3.2 billion through 2026, making Louisiana the eighth biggest loser among all states, “and by far the poorest and sickest state affected by these cuts.”

That’s a major threat to “critical access and care for our most vulnerable Medicaid populations including the disabled, children, and pregnant women,” Gee wrote.


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