Sandra Bland’s autopsy shows no signs of violent homicide, Texas prosecutor says – Los Angeles Times

The autopsy of Sandra Bland, whose death touched off a furor among activists after her body was found in a Texas jail cell, showed that her injuries were consistent with suicide and she did not have wounds indicating she was the victim of a violent homicide, officials said Thursday.

Bland, whose body was found July 13, took her own life with a plastic trash liner in the Waller County Jail, officials have said. Her family, backed by activists and a campaign on social media, has insisted she would not have killed herself and has called on the Justice Department to investigate.

The family did not respond to an emailed request for comment on the autopsy’s findings. The family has said it wants its own experts to examine the body and conduct forensic tests.

The autopsy was performed by coroners in neighboring Harris County and found that the cause of Bland’s death was hanging and the manner of death was suicide, said Warren Diepraam, Waller County’s first assistant district attorney. “The evidence that we’ve reviewed up to this point supports those findings,” he told a televised news conference Thursday.

Using a PowerPoint presentation with graphic pictures, Diepraam walked through the findings, saying the physical evidence supported suicide and the lack of violent wounds argued against homicide.


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