Russia fires on Turkish ship to ‘avoid collision’ in Aegean Sea – CNN

Earlier this month, a Russian serviceman was filmed on the deck of a naval ship holding what appeared to be a rocket launcher as a Russian warship passed through Istanbul. A treaty between the countries allows Russia’s Black Sea fleet access to the Aegean Sea by way of the Bosphorus, which bisects the Turkish city.

“For a Russian soldier to display a rocket launcher or something similar while passing on a Russian warship is a provocation,” Cavusoglu told reporters, according to Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper.

“If we perceive a threatening situation, we will give the necessary response.”

ISIS oil claim

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Turkey of shooting down the plane to protect a secret oil trade with the terrorist group ISIS.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the plane violated Turkish airspace. He said he’ll resign if Moscow can prove its claim, and that Putin should step down if he cannot.

Moscow struck back economically after the plane was shot down, banning the import of some Turkish goods, imposing restrictions on travel and planning to stop some Turkish companies doing business in Russia, CNNMoney reported.

Speaking earlier this month, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau appeared to take Turkey’s side in the dispute, saying that the information available indicated the plane was in Turkish airspace when it was downed.


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