Robert Mueller’s investigation was always political; don’t blame Trump for keeping it that way – Washington Examiner

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation did not find the evidence necessary to support theories of collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice and so it’s a riot to watch President Trump’s critics now accuse him of politicizing the affair. What was this investigation, if not a political exercise?

Contrary to the solemn act put on by Democrats and cable news pundits, the special counsel investigation was always a political pursuit meant to drag down Trump’s presidency for as long as humanly possible. Consider that not a single indictment had anything to do with Trump’s supposed collusion or obstruction of justice.

Liberal New York Times columnist Charles Blow admitted that even the timing of Mueller’s conclusion last week is politically advantageous for Democrats and the now-neutered #Resistance. “Imagine if these results were released later on, after [2020 Democratic] candidates had locked in speculative statements about what the report would say and mean,” he wrote Wednesday. “Imagine it coming later, when it could truly give a campaign boost to Trump.”

After floundering under the investigation’s smog for years, Trump had every reason to come barreling out of the gates claiming victory at a campaign rally Thursday in Michigan. “After three years of lies and smears and slander, the Russia hoax is dead,” he said, predicting that Democrats and former Justice Department officials who promoted the conspiracy theory might soon face a reckoning.

An indignant Associated Press report on the rally said that Trump had “turned the findings of the Russia investigation into a political weapon.” The investigation itself, demanded by Democrats and the media, was political. Why would the findings not also be political? Because they came out in Trump’s favor?

That’s precisely it. Even though Trump was vindicated by the Mueller report, Washington still expects him to bow down.

The insufferable Max Boot of the Washington Post complained Wednesday that Trump was “was venomous and vengeful” after the summary of Muller’s report was released, apparently heedless of the persecution under which Trump had to labor for the last 24-plus months, only to have Mueller come up empty.

“Trump is reminding us that he lacks even an iota of the dignity or decorum that we used to take for granted in the Oval Office,” said Boot. Right, Trump should have instead taken the high road and let every Democrat and liberal journalist who pushed the Russia hoax get off without a word of criticism directed their way.

It would certainly be easier for Trump’s critics if we all just suddenly forgot that whatever political capital Trump might have had coming into office went up in smoke the second Mueller was appointed. If the president didn’t acknowledge that his first term has so far been hell for him, largely because of Mueller’s limitless probe that ultimately found nothing, then yes, the Democratic Party and the news media would likely feel more at ease.

Sorry, Boot et al. Jeb Bush isn’t president. You have to deal with a loud-mouthed New Yorker who was just cleared of all charges.


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