Corey Morgan, 27, of Lansing (left) has been charged in the first-degree murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee. An arrest warrant has been sworn out for a third suspect said to be involved, Kevin Edwards, 22, of Chicago (right), who remains at large.

A suburban Lansing man who prosecutors said announced he was going to “kill grandmas, mamas, kids and all” after his mother was wounded by gunfire and his brother killed by a rival gang, has been charged in the murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee.

Corey Morgan 27, appeared at the Leighton Criminal Court Building for a bond hearing Friday on charges of first degree murder and violation of bail bond.

Prosecutors alleged that Morgan announced that he would be going to go after the families of rival gang members who wounded his mother and killed his brother, Tracey Morgan, 25, on Oct. 13. The killers in that case are believed to be a rival faction of the Gangster Disciples.

According to the charges, Morgan and the two other suspects were members and known shooters of the BBG (Bang Bang Gang)/Terror Dome faction of the Black P Stones faction.

After the death of Morgan’s brother, Tracey, prosecutors said that one of the uncharged suspects was seen driving a new black SUV. Morgan and his cronies would comb the neighborhood in the SUV armed with guns and looking to retaliate. Witnesses reported that the SUV was ditched shortly after Tyshawn’s murder.

On Nov. 2, prosecutors said Morgan and the two suspects ventured into Dawes Park near 80th Street and Damen Avenue. Witnesses reported seeing the three engaging people in conversation before leaving. The three returned a short time later and went to the playlot where Tyshawn as playing on the swings, with his beloved basketball nearby.

After that, Morgan and one of the other uncharged suspects left the playlot and got back into the SUV when they drove away. The third gang member stayed behind on the playground, prosecutors said.

The uncharged suspect dribbled Tyshawn’s basketball for a bit and then handed it back to the boy. The suspect walked Tyshawn back to the alley where the fourth grader was shot five times, according to the criminal complaint.

Witnesses reported seeing Tyshawn leaving with the suspect where they walked to an alley behind Damen Avenue across from the park. Prosecutors said the SUV reappeared and followed Tyshawn and one of his murderers into the alley. Once Tyshawn reached the middle of the alley, he was shot multiple times.

An autopsy report said the fourth-grader received a graze wound to the upper back, one superficial wound to the forearm, and the fatal gunshot wound to the head. There were two more perforating gunshot wounds, one of which partially amputated the boy’s thumb, as he held up his hands to ward off the bullets.

At an earlier press conference, Police Supt. Garry McCarthy called the boy’s murder an “act of barbarism.” So far, Morgan is only suspect of the three in custody for the boy’s execution-style murder.

Depending on who is doing the talking, McCarthy said it is still not clear what Morgan’s exact role was in Tyshawn’s murder.

“We know a car was involved,” McCarthy said. “It’s not clear who lured, who drove or who pulled the trigger.”

Morgan and another man were both arrested last week on unrelated gun charges in Evergreen Park after they left an Oak Lawn hotel. Police found two .40 caliber handguns in the vehicle allegedly belonging to the men, who, as convicted felons, are prohibited from owning guns.

Charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, both men were ordered held in lieu of $1 million bail. Morgan was able to post the required ten-percent of the bond, after his girlfriend put up $100,000 from a settlement she won in a lawsuit against a hospital.

None of the bullet casings from the two guns found in the men’s vehicle match those found in the alley where Tyshawn was shot, McCarthy said.

McCarthy also announced that there is another suspect in custody on an unrelated charge, but he hasn’t been charged in the boy’s murder. The police superintendent would not confirm if it was the same man arrested last week with Morgan in Evergreen Park, Dwright Boone-Doty, 22, who remains in custody at Cook County Jail.

At the time of his arrest, Boone-Doty was out on parole from the Illinois Department of Corrections on a drug and weapons case.

An arrest warrant has also been issued for Kevin Edwards, 22, of the 10600 Block of S. Green Street, Chicago, who remains at large. McCarthy told reporters that all three suspects belong to the same Black P Stones faction.

“He’s definitely on the run, we believe he’s still in the area,” McCarthy said.

Directing his message to Edwards, the police superintendent said, “Turn yourself in because we’re going to catch you.”

McCarthy added that the crime was so heinous Edwards is “better off if we catch him than someone else.”

Edwards’ sister told the Chicago Tribune she hasn’t seen her brother since late October, but doubts he is involved because he has little brothers.

McCarthy said that Area South Chicago police detectives investigating the boy’s murder developed leads through interviews early on, both on the city’s South Side and in the suburbs. “Conscientious” community members also stepped forward.

“We got an awful lot of intelligence but no snitching,” McCarthy said. “There was an awful lot of fear.”

Morgan also showed up at the police station with an attorney early on in the investigation, but he was not interviewed.

Not having anything “arrestable” on Morgan yet, the attorney, while not formally representing Morgan, told him not to talk to police, McCarthy said.

Morgan was taken into custody by the Chicago police department’s fugitive apprehension unit. Officers went to Morgan’s home in the 18500 Block of Old Farme Road, Lansing, where he was served with a warrant. After he identified himself, he was arrested, police said.

McCarthy said police believe two gang killings and other non-fatal shootings led Morgan and the other suspects to target Tyshawn because of his father’s ties to a rival faction of the Gangster Disciples, Killa Ward. Pierre Stokes, the boy’s father, has denied the allegations.

“That gang just signed its own death warrant,” McCarthy said. “We’re going to assign resources so neither one of those gangs can never raise its head again.”