Republican debate reactions, captured in GIFs – CNN

Washington (CNN)The Republican presidential candidates arrived at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Wednesday night poised for debate. But their faces sometimes betrayed their true feelings of how they thought the evening was going.

From hurried handshakes across podiums to Donald Trump’s range of expressions, the night was full of nonverbal signs.

Revisit the greatest reactions from Wednesday’s debate.

Sen. Lindsey Graham winks at the camera in the “happy hour” debate.

Sen. Rand Paul’s reaction when Trump says he never insulted Paul’s looks and “believe me there’s plenty of subject matter.”

Trump’s reactions to Jeb Bush’s comment that you wouldn’t want “such a hothead with the nuclear codes.”

Carly Fiorina listens as Trump clarifies his previous statement about her appearance by saying, “She’s got a beautiful face, and I think she’s a beautiful woman.”

    Trump offers a handshake to Ben Carson after he says he advised President George W. Bush not to go to war in Iraq.

    Ben Carson and Donald Trump's awkward handshake.

    Trump and Bush get into it while arguing about Trump allegedly wanting casino gambling in Florida while Bush was governor.

    Later, Trump and Bush enjoy an interaction after Bush quipped his Secret Service code name would be “Eveready,” because it’s very “high energy,” a response to Trump’s previous remarks that he’s a “low-energy guy.”


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