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Duncan has asked deGravelles (duh-GRAV-uhl) to throw out claims that the law was passed to keep women from getting abortions, saying the claim was erased by a federal appeals court ruling for a Texas law that required clinics to meet hospital standards as well as requiring doctors to have admitting privileges. Most traditional abortion clinics are like doctor’s offices.

Finally, on Friday, the Supreme Court said that there was tiny evidence in the case that an in-person visit was medically necessary.

“It’s really incredible how low the governor and some of the state legislators will go when you start throwing women out of cancer screening programs and making it impossible for them to continue to go get services where they have before”, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in an interview with The Texas Tribune on Saturday.

The justices blocked the two provisions once before, in November 2014, while the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was weighing whether those parts of the law violate a woman’s right to an abortion.

The doctors sued anonymously, as “John Does”, and a court order has made virtually all information about the clinics, other than the clinics’ names and locations, confidential to protect their staff, physicians and patients.

“Today marks a major victory for the women of Louisiana, who will have increased access to critical health care, including safe, legal abortion”.

In 2013, four justices – enough to hear an appeal – said the high court probably would want to weigh in.

More than half closed when a court allowed the admitting-privileges requirement to take effect previous year.

The constitutionality of the new law is a hard question, Breyer wrote. That divides women into two camps: those who can afford to get abortions despite such obstacles and those who cannot.

“As the 5th Circuit once again turns a blind eye to the devastating consequences of Texas’ clinic shutdown law, it is imperative that the Supreme Court step in”, Northup said in a statement. That will put 900,000 women of childbearing age, about 17 percent of the state’s total, 150 miles or further from the nearest clinic.

But in 2013 the procedure was banned for reasons of women’s safety in obtaining a serious procedure as medical abortion with only a webcam call and no medical supervision.

The circuit court also upheld restrictions on doctors and clinics.

“I think he’s quite devoted to the Casey standard and to the sense of Casey as compromised”, said Smith, who argued the 2007 case at the Supreme Court. Planned Parenthood locations were among those forced to stop offering abortions, and Richards said new construction is no cure-all to restoring abortion access.


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