Vice President Pence lashed out at the Associated Press on Saturday for listing his wife’s email address in a story about his frequent resistance to public records requests while Indiana’s governor.

Pence said in a tweet that by publishing his wife’s personal AOL email address, the Associated Press “violated her privacy and our security.” The vice president posted a letter his counsel sent to Gary Pruitt, the AP’s president and CEO.

Lauren Easton, the AP’s director of media relations, said the news organization removed the email address when they realized Karen Pence still used the account.


“AP removed the email address from subsequent stories after learning Mrs. Pence still used the account. The AP stands by its story, which addresses important transparency issues,” Easton said in a statement.

On Thursday, attorneys for the vice president turned over 13 boxes of emails from his time as governor, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Pence spokesman Marc Lotter said the emails are from government accounts and from Pence’s private email account used for government business. That account was disclosed Thursday.

He also said that Pence’s attorneys tried to deliver boxes of emails on Jan. 9, Pence’s last day as governor. But there was a “lack of clarity” in state government about what to do with them, Lotter also said.

“I am very confident our email practices were in compliance with Indiana’s laws,” Pence told reporters Friday in Wisconsin.

He also there is “no comparison whatsoever” between his situation and Clinton’s, considering she “mishandled classified information” and “destroyed” emails requested by members of Congress and other officials.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.