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• NEW: The U.S. House of Representatives approved a measure to effectively pause the processing of Syrian refugees by insisting no refugee be admitted without certification by the Secretary of Homeland Security. Many House Democrats ignored White House pleas to oppose the bill, giving Republicans enough support to secure a veto-proof majority. It’s unclear when the Senate would take up the bill. but Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid has said his caucus will block the bill from passing in the Senate.

• A man posted a video on Facebook calling on his fellow French Muslims to hunt down the “imposters” of Islam and “protect our beautiful religion.”

• French police are carrying out a search at the home of the mother of the female suicide bomber who died in Wednesday’s raids. The house is in Aulnay-sous-Bois, on the northeastern outskirts of Paris, said Agnes Thilbault-Lecuivre, a spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor’s office.

• An exchange between police and the female suicide bomber, purportedly caught on tape, appears to show the woman’s final words. A police officer can be heard asking, “Where is your boyfriend?” She screams in response, “He’s not my boyfriend.”

• French police searched a home in Charleville-Mezieres, according to a team from CNN affiliate France 3. Residents said they heard an explosion, and police cordoned off the neighborhood for most of the afternoon, France 3 said. It’s unclear if the operation is related to the Paris attacks.

The investigation and the raids

• Six searches were executed in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Ukkel, Brussels, Laeken and Jette in in Belgium in connection with Paris attacker Hadfi Bilal, who died in last week’s bombing of the national stadium in Saint-Denis, according to a statement from the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office. Nine people were detained. No more information will be released Thursday, the office said, adding that there will be updates Friday on whether those detained will be released.

• Abaaoud seems to have been involved in four of six foiled terror attacks since spring, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

• Morocco’s intelligence agency alerted French authorities that Abaaoud was in France, a source close to the investigation said. The information was relayed after last Friday’s carnage, according to the source. Earlier, Cazeneuve said his country learned only Monday that Abaaoud was France.

• Abaaoud was linked to several other known jihadists, and France is continuing to investigate those links, Cazeneuve said.

Video released by in London captures one of the Paris attacks at a cafe. A gunman sprays the front of the cafe and its outdoor bistro tables with bullets as glass shatters and patrons scramble to safety. The gunman approaches a woman near the front door and points an assault rifle at her. The weapon appears to jam, and the gunman walks off. The woman and another customer make a run for it.

• Though authorities have confirmed that Abaaoud died as a result of Wednesday’s police raid in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, they don’t yet know whether he blew himself up, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

• Papillary prints — which include prints from fingers, palms and soles — led officials to identify Abaaoud’s remains, the French prosecutor’s office announced Thursday in a statement.

The scene in France

• France will push the European Union to strengthen external borders before the end of the year, Cazeneuve said.

• Hollande will convene the country’s defense council and meet with his top government and defense officials in Paris this afternoon, the Elysee Palace said.

• Lawmakers approved a plan by Hollande to extend until February 2016 the state of emergency declared the night of the Paris attacks. The bill, which gives the government sweeping powers, now goes to France’s Senate, for a Friday vote.

'I am a Muslim man. I am not a terrorist.''I am a Muslim man. I am not a terrorist.'

Hollande has reiterated his country’s commitment to accepting refugees, describing it as a “humanitarian duty.” In the next two years, 30,000 refugees will be welcomed, he said, but authorities also will conduct security screenings.

• Amid tensions across France, a veiled Muslim woman was hit and stabbed Wednesday at the exit of a metro station in Marseille “because of her religious symbols,” authorities said. Also in Marseille, a Jewish teacher was stabbed “by several individuals uttering anti-Semitic remarks and glorifying terrorism,” officials said. One of the attackers was reported to be wearing a T-shirt bearing an ISIS symbol.

Words of contempt, acts of love for Muslims after Paris attacks

Around the globe

• Obama has warned of the long road that lies ahead in the global effort to defeat ISIS. “It’s going to be a multiyear task,” he said at a regional conference in the Philippines. “And we’re not going to be able to fully succeed in eliminating their safe havens until we have a political settlement of some sort in Syria.”

• An ISIS video released Wednesday warns of an impending attack on New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio said police are “taking all necessary precautions” in areas shown in the video and throughout the city. “Stoking fear is the goal of terrorist organizations,” he said, “but New York City will not be intimidated.”

• In the latest publication of ISIS’ Dabiq magazine, the terrorist group includes a list of the latest attacks for which it claims responsibility, including the downing the Russian passenger plane in Sinai, the suicide attacks in Lebanon and the attacks in Paris.

How the ISIS fight went global


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