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Director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera were feeling good from the inside out backstage, after accepting their award for best animated feature film for “Inside Out.” But not so excited as to forget co-writer Ronnie Del Carmen.

“Ronnie Del Carmen is one of the great storytellers in visual animation,” Rivera said. “There’s a lot of talk about diversity, films from around the world, Japan, Latin America, good ‘ol California, and Ronnie is a great artist and represents that [in the Philippines]. … We’re proud of him and he’s definitely sharing this with us.”

On making a film that tackles emotions, Docter said: “What we were after was entertainment and fun. But then we thought, ‘This has something deep and applicable to every human being.’ Emotions are invisible… this film has the potential [for kids] to unpack and think about some of the things they don’t normally. We’ve heard … that this film has given [some kids] a new vocabulary. We’re so thankful we could contribute in that way.”

Rivera added to the evening’s ongoing conversation about diversity, adding: “My grandfather was born in Mexico and his mother snuck him over to El Paso, Texas. My house was like “I Love Lucy” when I was a kid – my mother had blond hair, my father [was of Mexican descent]. I’m very proud of my family, my heritage and of my papa.”

It took more than three years to bring “Inside Out” to the big screen, a long journey that Rivera called “tortuous in that it was a tortuous path that was a big hunk of life; but we love our [team] so much that in a way, it being over, it’s a heartbreaker.”

“Perhaps the most complex thing in the universe is the human mind,” Docter added, “and that’s what we decided to make a movie about. … So we had to make sure things were simple and clear. It was a long process of rewriting that took three and a half years.”

Rivera said that one of the most memorable payoff moments came from rapper Ice Cube. “I’m a huge fan of N.W.A and – this is so name-droppy – but we were lucky enough to sit next to the “Straight Outta Compton” table and I got to meet Ice Cube. And I introduced myself as [the producer of] “Inside Out” and he said “Oh, man, that movie was dope!”

“I got a letter from a mother of a daughter with special needs, who said her daughter was able to talk for the first time after seeing the film — and that was [most meaningful] for me.”


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