Officers search for New York escapee Sweat; authorities kill his partner in crime – CNN

Malone, New York (CNN)Convicted murderer David Sweat is still on the lam. And in the darkness of early Saturday, hundreds of officers continued searching the dense woods in upstate New York for the now lone escaped inmate.

His prison break partner Richard Matt, also a convicted murderer, was shot dead Friday, one day after his 49th birthday. He was armed.

Since Sweat and Matt broke out of the maximum security prison in Dannemora together — and appeared to stick together on their flight from the law — authorities were hopeful they could be right on Sweat’s heels after encountering Matt.

Searchers had at times followed two sets of footprints, but when they gunned Matt down, there was no sign of Sweat nearby.

So, on all-terrain vehicles and in helicopters, they continued looking for the man who has eluded them for three weeks, using infrared vision devices to peer through the night.

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