Now involving Reddit and neo-Nazis, the spiraling Trump-CNN feud is 2017 in a nutshell – Los Angeles Times

For any healthy American who hasn’t irradiated his brain by consuming political news on Twitter: A journalistic autopsy on how a wrestling video tweeted by President Trump last week spawned a national controversy involving Reddit, CNN, vengeful neo-Nazis — and a hashtag campaign that adds blackmail to the list of offenses of which the news media stands accused.

It is a saga of politics and the media in 2017, when inane spats, egged on by the president and facilitated by social media, have the power to become consuming viral events, propelled by the right’s antipathy toward the mainstream media.

It all started with the Reddit group /r/The_Donald.

From the swamps of the Internet, a president’s meme emerges

Imagine the bustling cantina scene from the original “Star Wars” movie, except the outlaw oddballs from the far-flung corners of the known universe in this case are fraternizing over American politics instead of Darth Vader. That should give one a general idea of Reddit’s /r/The_Donald channel, one of the most popular and eccentric hives of pro-Trump activity on the Internet.


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