North, South Korea resume talks amid tension – CNN International

Paju, South Korea (CNN)North and South Korea resumed talks at the historic “truce village” Sunday in a bid to ease tensions and heated rhetoric that escalated last week.

The talks, held inside the Demilitarized Zone, featured key players such as Hwang Pyong So, who is the reclusive regime’s leader’s deputy and political director of North Korea’s army.

Also present was Kim Yang Gon, a veteran of negotiations with South Korea since Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, ruled the secretive regime.

Korea watchers point to the seniority of the two men, particularly Hwang, as an indication of the North’s intentions.

“He can speak with the authority of Kim Jong Un. This is as high as you can go. He has the longest history, best idea of what Kim Jong Un and what he’s hoping to get out of it,” Professor David Kang of the University of Southern California’s Korean Studies Institute told CNN.

Kim Yang Gon’s attendance may signal that the North really wants serious wide-ranging negotiations.


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