Nine things you may not know about Jimmy Carter – CNN

(CNN)Jimmy Carter‘s presidency swirled with turmoil, but his post-White House work promoting human rights, democracy and peace has earned him high praise. Here are a few facts about Carter, who turns 91 in October, to help reflect on the long life of America’s 39th president:

1. The son of a farmer

Carter was the first president who was born in a hospital, but he was taken back to a house that had no electricity or indoor plumbing. He put tiny Plains, Georgia, in the American consciousness as his hometown. That’s where he was born, but he grew up in nearby Archery, the son of a peanut farmer.

2. Peace and peanuts

Peanuts were so associated with Carter that they graced the elegant tables at the dinner following the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway, in December 2002. Carter was the second Georgian to win the coveted prize — the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. won it in 1964.

3. Keeping the faith


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