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Recently we have been hearing quite a bit of rumors regarding the availability of the iPhone 8, and that it might either be released much later this year, released in limited quantities, or if the latest analyst reports are accurate, we might only be seeing it in 2018. This is according to analysts from Deutsche Bank.

The research note from the bank is based on a report from ValueWalk in which it has been suggested that due to component shortages or technical difficulties, the iPhone 8 could be delayed and might not see a release this fall, which is the timeframe that Apple typically uses to launch their new iPhones.

The note reads, “Report suggests no new iPhone 8 this calendar year, As we have written in previous [research notes], several supply chain reports have suggested that key component shortages and technical challenges could delay the release of a high-end iPhone 8 device this fall. We believe this report further underscores the uncertainty around the timing of Apple’s next- generation iPhone model.”

This echoes earlier reports which claims that due to the use of custom-made components for the iPhone 8 that manufacturers are having a hard time putting them together. Note that this delay, if true, seems to be only talking about the iPhone 8 and not the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus which are also rumored to launch alongside it.

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