New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Says Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Know Concerns of … – ABC News

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took a swipe at Hillary Clinton today, saying he doubts whether the Democratic presidential candidate knows the concerns of “real Americans.”

Christie, who hasn’t entered the presidential race, said Clinton’s speech during her campaign rally Saturday in New York City sounded like it was put together by “liberal political consultants.”

PHOTO: Hillary Rodham Clinton delivers a speech at Texas Southern University in Houston, June 4, 2015.
PHOTO: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks to reporters as he leaves an event in New York, April 23, 2015.

“Mrs. Clinton doesn’t hear from anybody, she doesn’t talk to anybody, she doesn’t take questions from anybody,” Christie said in an exclusive interview on ABC’s “This Week.” “How would she know what real Americans are concerned about?”

Turning on his GOP rivals, Christie questioned whether former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — who’s expected to announce his presidential campaign on Monday — is “combat ready” for Washington, D.C. He also touted his own achievements with the New Jersey state legislature, including earning 61 percent of the vote when he was reelected.

“I know how to fight when I need to,” said Christie.

Christie is expected to decide whether he will run for president by the end of this month.

“If I decide to get into the race, I’ll take on anyone,” he said. “I have a day job.”


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