Mystery light above LA brings fear, anger and questions – Los Angeles Times

The mysterious light flashing across the California sky Saturday night brought fear, fun and even some anger, with some wondering why the public wasn’t told in advance to expect the drama.

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Here’s what we know:

So what was the light?

Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted a Trident II (D5) missile test flight at sea from the Kentucky, an Ohio class submarine, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California.

Has this test occurred in Southern California before?

It’s unclear. But the Pentagon called the test ongoing and that it occurs on a frequent basis.

The Pentagon said: “The tests were part of a scheduled, ongoing system evaluation test. Launches are conducted on a frequent, recurring basis to ensure the continued reliability of the system. Each test activity provides valuable information about our systems, thus contributing to assurance in our capabilities,” a spokesman told the Los Angeles Times. “The missile was not armed. Strategic Systems Programs does not routinely announce missile testing. Information regarding the test launch of Trident II (D5) missiles is classified prior to the launch.”


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