Mike Pence Isn’t Avoiding Trump’s Misconduct. He’s Abetting It. – Slate Magazine

Somehow, Pence missed all of these red flags. Even after supposedly discovering, to his dismay, that Flynn had misled him about Flynn Jr. and the Russian call, Pence apparently didn’t look to see what else he had missed about Flynn. Not until March 9, when reporters discovered that Flynn had officially filed as a foreign agent, did Pence say anything about the Turkish connection. “Hearing that story today was the first I heard of it,” the vice president told Fox News. His aides suggested that he had never seen Cummings’ letter (even though Cummings got a confirmation notice that the letter was received), and Pence told Cummings that had no memory of it. For the third time, Pence was claiming to have been blindsided by the same man.


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