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10/27/16 04:38 PM EDT

FLOCK OF FLOTUS’: Campaigning with HILLARY CLINTON for the first time, Michelle Obama accused DONALD TRUMP of trying to win the presidency by suppressing voters.

“If Hillary doesn’t win this election, that will be on us,” Obama said during the joint rally in Winston-Salem, N.C. “It will be because we did not stand with her. It will be because we did not vote for her. And that is exactly what her opponent is hoping will happen. … That’s the strategy,” Obama said. “To make this election so dirty and ugly that we don’t want any part of it.” Obama dismissed Trump’s claimed that the election is “rigged” as a tactic to suppress voter turnout.

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2) HEALTH ATTACK: DONALD TRUMP appeared to imply today, without evidence, that HILLARY CLINTON had another health scare after the second presidential debate. Trump intimated Clinton was at risk of collapsing as she exited the second debate stage, revving up the conspiracy theories around the former secretary of State’s health and stamina. “‘I watched after the last debate, and after the second debate. She was tired, wow,’ Trump said Thursday afternoon, speaking to supporters at a rally in Springfield, Ohio. ‘She walked off that stage,’ he added, then paused and said suggestively, ‘Well, she had a lot of people around. They had a lot of people around her, which was smart.’”

3) NEXT STEPS: DONALD TRUMP is trying to raise money for his transition. HILLARY CLINTON is mulling a chief of staff. With 12 days until Election Day, both candidates are peering ahead. As POLITICO’s Annie Karni reports, Clinton seems to be trying to convince her top choice, campaign Chairman John Podesta, to serve as her top aide if she is elected. Trump’s transition team, meanwhile, is trying to raise money from Beltway insiders, POLITICO’s Isaac Arnsdorf reports, even as the GOP nominee’s chances of winning the White House seem to be fading. At CHRIS CHRISTIE’s request, Trump’s transition team is trying to raise $100,000 for transition costs that aren’t covered by federal funding.

4) TEXAS HOLD ‘EM: Texas Republicans are at least a little bit worried that DONALD TRUMP may be blowing it in a state has become a conservative stalwart, POLITICO’s Katie Glueck and Kyle Cheney report. “The odds are long, they say, in a state that hasn’t voted Democratic for president in 40 years. But in recent polling data and early-voting results, they are also seeing signs of the perfect storm of demographic and political forces it would take to turn Texas blue. … According to some Republican and nonpartisan pollsters, DONALD TRUMP is turning off enough core GOP constituencies and motivating Hispanic voters in ways that could pump up Clinton’s performance to higher levels than a Democratic nominee has seen in decades. In 2012, Mitt Romney won the state in a 16-point blowout. The current spread is just 5 points, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average.”

Meanwhile, Trump himself claimed this morning that he’s heard reports of “voter fraud” in the Lone Star state. “A lot of call-ins about vote flipping at the voting booths in Texas,” he tweeted Thursday morning, citing no actual sources or reports. “People are not happy. BIG lines. What is going on?”

5) BULLY PULPIT: HILLARY CLINTON’s campaign is rolling out a new anti-bullying proposal — just as her campaign releases a new ad calling Donald Trump a bully. The plan is “dubbed ‘Better Than Bullying’ and calls for at least $500 million in new federal funding that would go to states that agree to develop anti-bullying plans. States could use the money to hire more school guidance counselors and social workers, as well as expand suicide prevention and mental health programs in high schools.”

BLAST NOTE: For her part, Melania Trump said today that she would like to protect children from “harmful” social media.

TRAIL MIX: In today’s campaign news, trouble in Kochworld. Inside Clinton Inc. DONALD TRUMP supporters see a revolution. Vladimir Putin sees nothing wrong. A beer owner takes flack, FLOTUS’ hit the road together, Liberty University is vexed by Trump and Barack Obama seems to be leaving it all on the campaign trail.

DIET KOCH: Looking at the diminishing impact of the billionaire Koch brothers’ diminishing impact.

CLINTON INC.: A memo newly uncovered by WikiLeaks offers an unprecedented look at for-profit enterprises of Bill Clinton and his former aides.

MIC CHECK: DONALD TRUMP is speaking ill of microphones again today: He blamed the device for recording what he thought he was saying in private during the now infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.

REVOLUTION TALK: Some DONALD TRUMP supporters say they’re worried about a “revolution” if HILLARY CLINTON is elected next month. (The New York Times)

PUTIN GOOD WORDS: Russian President Vladimir Putin denies meddling in the U.S. election but, once again, praises DONALD TRUMP. (NBC)

HANG OVER: People are threatening to boycott Yuengling beer after its owner endorsed DONALD TRUMP.

FLOCK OF FLOTUS’: Michelle Obama and HILLARY CLINTON are campaigning together for the first time today in North Carolina. (USA Today)

NO THIRD TERMS: President Barack Obama seems to be leaving it all on the campaign trail as he finishes out his time as president.

KEY KEYSTONE: HILLARY CLINTON is up 7 percentage points in a new New York Times/Siena College poll of Pennsylvania.

CRACKS IN LIBERTY: How DONALD TRUMP is dividing Liberty University, the conservative creation of Rev. Jerry Falwell.

THEY SAID IT: “I did it, and I’m very happy I did it, and I’m proud that I did it,” — James Otis, on his decision to destroy DONALD TRUMP’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


That’s how many speeches DONALD TRUMP said Melania Trump would be giving in the coming days — a number that seemed to surprise her live, on air.

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