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Former basketball player and reality TV star Lamar Odom remained in a Las Vegas hospital fighting for his life Thursday after he was found unconscious at a Las Vegas-area brothel. 

Odom, a former Lakers and Clippers star, had taken cocaine and about 10 doses of a Viagra-like medication in the days before he was found by brothel workers on Tuesday, a Nevada sheriff said.

In the 911 call from the Love Ranch Vegas in Crystal, Nev., workers said Odom had used cocaine Saturday but were unsure whether he had continued to do so, according to the sheriff’s televised news conference.

“All I know is that he’s close to not breathing,” Mitzy Jones told a 911 dispatcher in two calls.

“They need to hurry, please, because he’s got blood coming out of his nose, white stuff coming out of his mouth,” Jones, a brothel manager, said on the second call. “We can’t get him to wake up. He’s, like, almost not breathing.”

Richard Hunter also called 911, telling dispatchers that Odom had a pinkish fluid and “a bunch of white stuff” coming out of his nose, but appeared to be breathing regularly. “He’s in a deep sleep for sure,” said Hunter, a spokesman for the ranch, owned by Dennis Hof.

“He’s over on his side, snoring, and he’s made a few sounds,” Hunter said. “I’m trying to speak to him, and I’m kind of hearing a few whimpers.”

Odom had taken multiple 1,875-milligram doses of a packaged supplement called Reload 72-Hour Strong Sexual Performance Enhancer for Men over three days, Hunter said.

Nye County Sheriff’s officials said that Odom apparently got the sexual performance drug from the brothel and that they had obtained a warrant to gather a blood sample from Odom but had not tested it yet.

“We’re only after the truth here,” said Sheriff Sharon Wehrly when asked about possible criminal charges.

Odom’s estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, was as his side at the hospital on Wednesday, where former teammates and friends had also gathered.  

Odom, 35, came to Love Ranch Vegas seeking privacy. The brothel in this high desert community 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas is actually in Crystal, in Nye County. 

A Love Ranch employee picked up Odom at his Las Vegas home and brought him to the brothel on Saturday, Hunter said.  

It was Odom’s first visit to the squat, one-story beige complex, Hunter said. Odom ordered a bottle of cognac and picked two prostitutes to accompany him for his stay in the brothel’s VIP suite, which owner Dennis Hof usually uses when he visits the property.

For the most part, Odom kept to himself other than to say hello to brothel workers, Hunter and a brothel manager said. Odom did not want contact from people during his stay and went so far as to turn off or ignore his cellphone, Hunter said. 

The brothel, near the Last Chance mountain range, is “appealing to celebrities because of the seclusion,” he said. “This place, you really have to know where you’re going to get here.”

Odom told a prostitute he had used “a small amount” of cocaine before he arrived Saturday, Hunter said, but workers did not see him consume any cocaine at the brothel, where drug use is prohibited.

When Odom’s two female companions left him Monday night, he was “alert and communicative,” Hunter said.

The pair checked in with him Tuesday afternoon, found him unresponsive and called for help.

Hunter said he and three paramedics each had to grab a corner of the bed sheet to move Odom onto a gurney.

The brothel may have the occasional medical scare when an older client has breathing issues, Hunter said, but he could not remember another incident that required paramedics.

The medical emergency and the international media spotlight that followed has shaken managers and brothel workers, Hunter said, especially the two women who found Odom.

“They are young, they are very upset, they are very traumatized,” he said. “I can only imagine what they are having to go through.”

Hunter said the brothel would not make the women available for interviews. Love Ranch workers typically live out of state and come to work for a few weeks at a time, he said.

For the time being, Hunter said, the brothel is closed.

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