Jon Stewart, in a moment of pure glee. Hulu)

Jon Stewart, in a moment of pure glee. Hulu)

As if you needed another sad reminder: Jon Stewart’s reign as Daily Show host is drawing to a close.

But Stewart will have plenty of prime material to carry him through his final hosting stretch, thanks to one big, brash, toupeed tycoon.

To Stewart’s delight, Donald Trump announced his presidential run yesterday with a shouty, ridiculous speech that seemed tailor-made for Stewart to chop up into clips and mock relentlessly. Which he did, in one of the most gleeful segments we’ve seen from Stewart in awhile. (If only he could’ve snagged Colbert to do his Trump impression.)

And in anticipation of his final show on August 6, he had this message for the Donald: “Thank you, Donald Trump, for making my last six weeks my best six weeks.”

Watch the full segment below (NSFW language):