Jeffrey Epstein engaged in ‘improper sexual contact’ while doing time in Florida: lawyer – New York Post

Jeffrey Epstein had “improper sexual contact” with women even while serving out his prison time in Florida, the lawyer for some of his accusers charged Tuesday.

Under a highly questionable plea deal that the multimillionaire pedophile was able to cut with prosecutors in Florida in 2008, Epstein served just 13 months behind bars in the private wing of a county jail there.

But he was allowed out on a work-release program for 12 hours a day, six days a week — during which time he set up a private office next to one of his lawyers, where he continued to engage in “conduct similar to that which was described in the Palm Beach police report,” said lawyer Brad Edwards, who reps a string of Epstein accusers.

“It was for, if you were in jail, improper sexual contact,’’ he said.

“It was sexual in nature,’’ Edwards said. “The female visitors were not there for business.

“He was having office visitors — some of whom were flown to him from New York — and continuing to engage in similar conduct [to what he’s been accused of] literally while he was in quote-unquote jail.’’

Epstein copped to two state charges under the deal. They involved solicitation of sex, including one with a minor.

Before the deal, Florida prosecutors had drafted a sweeping indictment targeting the politically connected pervert that would have sent him to prison for life if he’d been convicted of the charges. Since then, the deal has come under heavy fire.

He is now facing federal sex-trafficking raps in New York for allegedly setting up a nationwide network of victims, including some underage females, whom he coerced into allowing him to molest them and in some cases have sex with him.


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