Is Donald Like Ronald? We Ask RReagan And MMatalin To Compare The 1980 And 2016 Debates – Huffington Post

Each panelist has inside experience with presidential debates moving the needle — how Reagan passed his ‘Commander-in-Chief’ orals and how Gore won on points but, sigh, lost politically. Since Trump, Clinton & Holt each benefits from a calm persona, the Host thinks this debate may be far more about policy than personality. Isn’t that a good thing?

Pre-Debate Scorecard. Ron thinks that one 1980 debate and this upcoming 2016 one are similar since “the challenger has an advantage with a sitting president [or prominent senator/SecofState] by appearing along side them in an equal way. Also, my father had a number of debates under his belt from the primaries while Carter didn’t — like the way Romney won the first debate with [a rusty] Obama. After it was over, we all thought he had done very well because he made no big mistakes. The next day, while Carter may have won on points and been regarded as ‘smarter’, that’s not how the public judges debates, rather on visual, tone, confidence.”


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