In Hollywood, what should’ve been scandal was long met with a shrug. A new outcry has changed that – Los Angeles Times

Until very recently, women who came forward with their accounts of sexual harassment at the hands of powerful men who held sway over their careers were viewed as traitors, whiners or pitifully naive to the ways of industries where a barter system — sex for fame — was all but implicit.

They sold their sexuality on screen and on stage, after all, the thinking went, so what did they expect when the cameras stopped rolling or the arena lights dimmed?

The few who were brave enough to come forward with accounts of being groped, coerced, threatened and even raped were sidelined, careers destroyed. Their stories rarely made the news, until recently, when the sheer number of allegations against power brokers and gatekeepers like Bill Cosby, Fox News’ Roger Ailes, music’s L.A. Reid and now Harvey Weinstein literally forced the media’s hand.

Historically the hardest part for women coming forward with accounts of sexual abuse wasn’t just proving that the sickening events actually happened — it’s been convincing anyone who would listen that what happened was wrong, even if it was business as usual.


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