How student Ahmed Mohamed went from suspected bomb maker to overnight celebrity – Los Angeles Times

Once upon a time, if you did something famous you got to look into a camera and tell the world that you are going to Disneyland. That’s just about the only place that is not on the itinerary of Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas student who made a clock that a teacher feared was a bomb, setting off a series of events that turned the ninth-grader into a social-media symbol of official overreaction to his Muslim religion.

Ahmed, just 14, will get to visit the White House next month to attend an astronomy conference. Invitations have been pouring in to visit Facebook, to attend a Google science fair and to take an internship with Twitter. He even got social-media support from scientists at NASA, whose T-shirt Ahmed wore when he was handcuffed at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, after he brought his clock to class Monday.

In addition, close to a million people in the last 24 hours jumped on his bandwagon and sent out tweets with the supportive hashtag #IstandwithAhmed, according to Topsy, a social analytics site.

Even though Ahmed will not face any criminal charges, the incident left a bad taste and the student said he will not return to the school from which he was suspended. He also wants his clock back from police.

“This isn’t my first invention and it won’t be my last invention,” Ahmed said Thursday in an appearance on “Good Morning America.”


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