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Apple has totally changed the way people plug headphones into

the iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
, and they’ve launched a new pair of wireless
earbuds called “airpods.”

But it’s not as drastic as some people online are making it out
to be.

Apple included new earbuds with the iPhone 7 as well as an
adapter to use your old headphones.

Still, there’s a lot of confusion about the earbuds and the
iPhone 7 — here are the questions we’ve been getting a lot.

Why did Apple “kill” the headphone jack?

That’s true. There is no headphone jack on the iPhone 7 or iPhone
7 Plus, the new phones that Apple announced yesterday.

Here’s a picture:

the home button is now pressure sensitive that means it doesnt physically press in instead the phone vibrates when you press down oh yeah and theres no headphone jackSteve Kovach/Business Insider

Will my old headphones work with the iPhone 7?

The good news is that Apple includes new headphones in the iPhone
7 box — a pair of white earbuds, called EarPods, that plug into
the iPhone 7 through the Lightning charging port.

Apple AirpodsApple

But if you want to use your old headphones, Apple has also
included an adapter along with the iPhone 7 that will allow your
old headphones to plug into the iPhone 7’s charging port. It
looks like this:

Apple dongleApple

You can also buy those dongles
for $9 from Apple

Are all the headphone accessories I need included
with the iPhone 7?

Yes. You get a 3.5 mm adapter and a pair of Lightning earbuds
with the iPhone 7.

I use Bluetooth headphones. Will those work with the
iPhone 7?

Yes, Bluetooth headphones will work the way they always have. But
Apple wants you to buy a pair of AirPods headphones.

What are AirPods? Are AirPods different than earbuds
and other headphones?

It’s a new product from Apple that looks like those iconic white
earbuds with the cords cut off.

They’re wireless earbuds that pair with Apple products. They will
go on sale in October for $159.

According to Apple, they have a five-hour battery life, but they
charge through a case that provides 24 hours of battery. They’re
pretty nifty! Sensors detect when they are in your ears to save
battery life.

Here’s what they look like in your ear:


Here’s what the case looks like:


How do I plug the AirPods into my iPhone 7?

They’re wireless — you don’t need to plug them in. But they’ll be
easier to pair than most Bluetooth headphones. Simply flip open
the cover.

Here’s what it looks like, courtesy of Jan Dawson:

The reason the AirPods pair so easily is that Apple has a new
chip in these earbuds called the W1. They still use standard
Bluetooth, but the chip enables the AirPods to pair without
digging through settings. The W1 chip is just there for easy
pairing, and for now only Apple and Beats are using it.

Any other cool AirPods tricks and functionality?

Users can summon Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, simply by
double-tapping either AirPod, and when you’re talking to Siri,
the AirPods cancel other noise. And when you switch from your
iPhone to your Mac, the sound switches instantly.

Will the AirPods work with my Windows PC or Android

According to Recode
, AirPods don’t require an iPhone 7 and
will connect to non-Apple devices, but they’ll require manual

They’re just standard Bluetooth, with a little bit of “secret
sauce” for easy pairing with Apple devices.

Will the AirPods work with my Mac?

Yes, according to Apple. However, your Mac will need to be
updated to the most recent version of MacOS to play sound. If
your laptop can’t be updated to MacOS Sierra, it might not work
with the AirPods, according to Apple’s product page.

Will third-party headphones work with the iPhone

Yes, either through the dongle or headphones that plug in through
Apple’s Lightning port, which several companies have already
started making.

Here’s a pair on sale on
at Amazon right now

Lightning EarbudsBrightech/Amazon

What about Beats? How do Beats headphones work with the
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus?

Beats, the Apple-owned headphone company,
released three new pairs of wireless headphones
that are designed to work with the iPhone 7. They have the W1
chip too, so they’ll pair seamlessly.

Will the AirPods fall out of my ears?

Maybe? Stay tuned for the Business Insider review in the next few

What if I lose or break an AirPod, does Apple have a
replacement policy?

Apple says it’ll sell single AirPods at the Apple Store to people
who lose a single AirPod. The price hasn’t been announced yet.

Will Lightning headphones work with older

Yes, they will play music as long as your iPhone has a Lightning

Why … why would Apple do this?



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