How Gloria Steinem’s Gaffe Exposed Feminism’s Generation Gap – Slate Magazine

What worries me is that one of our greatest feminist leaders believes that only a vote for a woman can be a vote against patriarchal systems of oppression. In today’s world, a vote for a woman, especially a vote for Clinton, is not necessarily the most radical vote a woman could cast. All feminisms are not created equal. Even more importantly, gender issues are in conversation with all the other issues a presidential candidate must address. Setting aside whether and how Sanders could ever achieve the political revolution he promises, his emphasis on alleviating economic inequality and upsetting the current balance of power may speak to women who are paid less, promoted less, and taken less seriously than their male counterparts. Steinem and Albright are promoting a simplified, single-issue brand of feminism that rests on gendered essentialism and, in Steinem’s case, heterosexual motives, leaving no room for the complex, diverse hierarchies of concerns in women’s actual lives.


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