How did we get to the envelope gaffe? The great Oscar drama of 2017 – Los Angeles Times

The envelope debacle that stole the spotlight from “Moonlight”  at the end of the 89th Academy Awards ceremony sparked enough fury and fervor to cement the incident among the great Hollywood dramas of all time.

How did this happen? Who dropped the ball? What did the “La La Land” producers know and when did they know it? Was there a second set of envelopes from the grassy knoll? (Kind of.) Is this Hollywood’s Zapruder film and, if so, who is Babushka Lady?

We watched and rewatched, fast-forwarded, rewound and froze frames. We observed the players and talked to some people backstage before, during and after the slow-motion wreck. We look forward to the documentary, which will surely win an Emmy. (Or will it?)

Things seemed to be going just fine for Sunday’s Oscars heading into the big finish. So well, in fact, that PricewaterhouseCoopers managing partner Brian Cullinan tweeted a photo of Emma Stone with her newly received award for lead actress at 9:05 p.m. Pacific. 


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