Hillary Clinton to propose a small-donor matching program – CBS News

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is proposing a small donor matching system with an eye toward encouraging small donors to get involved and give to both presidential and congressional candidates.

On Tuesday, Clinton will announce her full campaign finance reform plan, according to her campaign. In addition to the small donor matching system, Clinton would expand on proposals she’s already rolled out, like reversing the Citizens United decision and offering a Constitutional amendment that would keep special interest money from exercising undue influence in elections.

Clinton would also urge the SEC to require publicly traded companies to disclose all their political spending to shareholders, as well as sign an executive order demanding federal government contractors to disclose all political spending.

Her determination to overhaul campaign financing, however, does not mean that she intends to forego super PAC money. Her campaign manager, Jennifer Palmieri, told CBS News in April, “Here’s what Hillary Clinton doesn’t do – unilaterally disarm…So as long as the rules are what the rules are, she is going to work hard to raise as much money as she needs to wage an effective campaign.”


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