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“I’m afraid that’s, you know, not necessarily what this particular committee is doing, but we have learned a lot from our previous investigations, and I’m certainly, you know, committed to doing all I can to make sure we do save lives”.

When asked directly whether she differs from her husband Bill Clinton – who is responsible for legislation that stopped same-sex couples from marrying and banned LGBT people from open service in the military – Hillary Clinton characterized them as necessary steps.

“I’m not in any way excusing them”, she added.

“The president was a Republican, the Congress was Democractic”, Maddow explained of the Reagan-era inquiry, but the bipartisan investigation did not get sidetracked by partisan quarrels as Thursday’s Trey Gowdy-led committee devolved into.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show”, Clinton said of the comments by Brooks: “Isn’t that pathetic?”

Finally, Maddow asked what Clinton’s late mother, Dorothy Rodham, would have made of Thursday’s grueling hearing, during which the former secretary kept her calm while the Republicans sneered and foamed at her. That went too far. She listed the Defense of Marriage Act and “don’t ask, don’t tell” as legislation that “did a lot of harm for a very long time”.

“Part of the reason I have proposed a no-fly zone as a coalition effort, not a United States effort, is to have conversations with the Russians at the table”, Clinton said. “There wasn’t any rational argument. You can’t be serious’”.

Earlier this week, Brooks, R-Huntsville, said if Clinton is elected president, he will move for her impeachment on the first day she’s in office. “It is not an easy position to be in, and you have to try to think what is the least bad choice, and how do I try to cabin this off from having worse consequences?” she said.

“First speech I gave in this campaign was about mass incarceration, and about reform of policing practices”.

“I do think the Republicans on the committee were right yesterday when they highlighted as a policy matter that Libya is in a bad situation”, Maddow told the candidate, suggesting that the murder of dictator Muammar Khadaffi led to the sort of violent chaos that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, the same kind of unintended outcome that could result from the toppling of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

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