Hideo Kojima’s mysterious new game stars naked Norman Reedus – Entertainment Weekly

Curiously, only one videogame trailer at E3 2016 opened with a quote from William Blake, the madman poet-prophet of Great Britain’s Romantic Age. Unsurprisingly, that videogame is the newest production by Hideo Kojima, one of our own time’s best madman poet-prophets. Fresh from Metal Gear Solid the best game of 2015 and the one that led him to part ways with Konami — Kojima is back with Death Stranding, a new game which will apparently mark Kojima’s long-promised collaboration with Norman Reedus.

The trailer begins with Reedus waking on a black-sands beach. The Walking Dead actor’s character has a scar that resembles an upside-down cross and is lying next to a little baby. He cradles the baby close to him — and it disappears. There are strange, symbolic sights that could suggest things like This Is All Taking Place In Hell or perhaps Earth Was Hell All Along, and mysterious shapes in the distance.

It’s possible that Death Stranding is not the game’s actual title. Kojima is known for playful easter-egg tactics when it comes to announcing his games. (Kojima and Reedus were previously slated to work together on Silent Hills for Konami.) Feel free to speculate that this is all taking place in the River of Sorrow from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It looks interesting, is what we’re trying to say.


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