Guatemala President Otto Perez Molina resigns in face of arrest warrant – Los Angeles Times

Guatemalan legislators Thursday accepted the resignation of President Otto Perez Molina, who this week lost his immunity from prosecution and saw an arrest warrant issued for him in connection with a corruption scandal.

Perez Molina, who had said he would not resign, changed his position after the nation’s prosecutor announced late Wednesday that a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Congress had voted on Tuesday to strip the president of his immunity from prosecution.

In a letter presented to Congress about an hour after the arrest warrant was issued, Perez Molina announced that he was stepping down “in the interest of the country,” according to his spokesman. After a court hearing, Perez Molina was placed in custody.

Vice President Alejandro Maldonado becomes interim president as Guatemalans prepare to go to the polls for national elections Sunday. Maldonado became vice president after his predecessor, Roxana Baldetti, who is in jail facing charges in the same scandal, resigned in May.


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