Glenn Beck Says Breitbart Won’t Allow Clinton Cash Author to Come on His Show – Mediaite

beckOn his radio show Thursday morning, Glenn Beck said that Breitbart was preventing Clinton Cash author Peter Schweitzer from appearing on his show.

“Peter Schweizer is a good friend of mine. One of the best writers,” Beck said. He added that he had been trying to get Schweizer to come on his show to discuss scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

“You know who won’t let us have him on?” Beck asked. “Breitbart. Breitbart won’t. Because he signed a deal with them, and they said they have to approve all of his interviews. And they will not approve an interview on The Glenn Beck Program.

Breitbart is a staunchly pro-Trump alt-right media site, whereas Beck is a committed #NeverTrump pundit and vehement critic of the alt-right, which he has called a “grave threat to the republic.”

The exchange begins at 35:40 below.

Schweizer’s 2015 Clinton Cash alleged that the Clinton Foundation served as a smokescreen for the Clintons to enrich themselves while selling influence and favor. The book’s publisher reissued it with multiple factual corrections.

Breitbart former CEO Stephen Bannon currently chairs Trump’s campaign. Bannon is also co-founder and executive chairman of the Government Accountability Institute (a conservative nonprofit that has investigated the Clintons, Barack Obama, and Jeb Bush), where Schweizer is president.

Schweizer did not immediately return requests for comment.


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