Eric Garner’s Daughter Says ABC News Silenced Her During Race Symposium With Obama – Huffington Post

Harris took video of Garner’s backstage meeting with Obama, in which she asked about the Justice Department investigation into her father’s death. 

“I promise you people are hearing it and I wouldn’t be spending all this time here if I wasn’t concerned about it,” Obama told Garner in the video, provided exclusively to HuffPost. “But I have to make sure that we don’t get in a situation that there’s a perception that, in any way, these kinds of investigations are being influenced. 

“I just wanted to say that respectfully, but I am sorry for your loss,” Obama added.

Garner then asked the president about a federal program that provides military weapons to local police departments. 

“We have already impacted it and we have reformed it and we will provide you information on that,” Obama said, referencing an announcement he made in May to restrict police from obtaining certain military equipment.

Harris said Obama then left the meeting, but his senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, continued speaking with Garner. Jarrett said Obama didn’t know about ABC’s agreement to allow Garner to ask her questions during the session, according to Harris.

Garner said she travelled to Washington during a busy week in which she’s also prepping for a march in New York City on Sunday to mark the anniversary of her father’s death.

There are “so many things I could’ve done this weekend to prepare for Sunday for my march and commemorate the memory of my dad,” Garner told HuffPost. “Not once did they mention Eric Garner or acknowledge the family. I say we rise up and say enough is enough.”

Harris told HuffPost that the network had promised to allow Garner to present her questions to the president.

“This is some bullshit,” Harris said. “They invited us out here, promising us they’d give us a chance to speak. I negotiated, I said, ‘If any questions get asked, can we guarantee it’ll be Erica’s? And [the ABC rep] said, ‘I promise you.’” 


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