El Cajon police say they’ll release video of fatal police shooting – Los Angeles Times

EL CAJON, Calif — After a night of violent protests in El Cajon, authorities released cellphone and surveillance video of the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man this week.

The cellphone video showed the man, Alfred Olango, weaving back and forth in parking lot a police officer confronted him. The video shows the officer, identified as Richard Gonsalves, following Olango with his gun drawn and pointing the weapon at the man. 

Olango then clasps his hands together and points them at Gonsalves, who opens fire. Olango’s sister, who had called police earlier to say her brother was acting strange, is heard wailing behind Gonsalves.

El Cajon police chief Jeff Davis said the department decided to release the video in hopes of giving the public a better sense of what happened and for the well-being of the community. He said the move was also influenced by three nights of unrest in El Cajon.


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