Donald Trump describes father’s ‘small loan': $1 million – CNN

But while much of Trump’s success is a credit to his work, he was born into a successful, wealthy family, inheriting part of his father’s more than $200 million net worth.

Trump said even his father told him his plans to delve into the Manhattan real estate business — away from the Trump family’s projects mostly in Queens and Brooklyn — were a bad idea.

“Even my father he said you don’t want to go to Manhattan. That’s not our territory,” Trump said.

Trump took questions from a dozen voters Monday in a basement room at the Atkinson Resort & Country Club. Trump explained his positions on everything from the war with ISIS and how he would handle Russia to illegal immigration and the economy.

Attendees — a mix of Trump supporters and undecided voters — appeared to approve of most of Trump’s answers. Two voters pressed Trump further with follow-up questions, telling him that he had not answered their questions which asked about his specific plans to deal with undocumented immigrants and the economy.

On illegal immigration, Trump didn’t explain exactly how he would deport the estimated 11 million undocumented people living in the U.S., simply pointing to his managerial skills.

Another voter pressed him on whether voters should simply believe that he will revive the economy based on his last name, or whether he has any specific plans to address economic challenges.

“I think they should,” Trump said of voters electing him based on his name, adding that he would renegotiate trade deals involving the U.S. and bring jobs back.

“But how?” the 21-year-old college student and entrepreneur asked again.

Trump didn’t get more specific beyond explaining that he plans to lower taxes and renegotiate trade deals.

Instead, Trump stressed the importance of “flexibility in dealmaking” and said there was no need for multi-point plans.

“It doesn’t work that way because point two gets loused up and you have to go to a different point two,” Trump said. “It doesn’t mean anything.”


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