Despite Fidel Castro’s death, few expect rapid political changes in Cuba – Los Angeles Times

For Amalia Cortes, a loyal member of Cuba’s “revolutionary” generation, there is no question that Fidel Castro helped transform the country for the better.

 “Of course I will be in the Plaza de la Revolución to say goodbye to our comandante,” said Cortes, 69, referring to the homage planned this week in a signature Havana square for the late Cuban leader. “We have to thank him for so much — thanks to him we have food, there is education, our comandante fought for his people and we have much to be grateful for.”

But for others, especially younger Cubans, it was long past time to look beyond Papa Fidel and the revolution’s accomplishments in arenas such as education and healthcare.

 “We have to be objective,” said Maria, a medical student, seated in Revolution Square. “Fidel did a lot of good things…. But at the same time what good does it do if there are no jobs, no opportunities for progress?


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