Debris from failed relationships litters New York prison escape – Los Angeles Times

When Richard W. Matt and David Sweat escaped from the maximum security prison in upstate New York, Plan A was allegedly to hitch a ride from a friendly female prison employee, kill her husband and head straight to Mexico and freedom. When the employee failed to show, the pair of inmates went to Plan B: Run like hell.

The pair did indeed run, beginning overnight June 5 or the very early morning of June 6 when they exited the prison property through a manhole. Then they fled through the streets of Dannemora, N.Y., which owes much of its existence to the Clinton Correctional Facility with its 3,000 or so inmates and about 1,500 jobs in the state’s sparsely populated, pristine Adirondack region.

The murderers hid in the dense forests, breaking into empty hunting cabins that became supply depots for supplies like camouflage pants, maps, tools, bug repellent and even Pop Tarts, officials said. The fugitives’ last hope was crossing the northern border into Canada.

But that hope was dashed on Friday, the 21st day of an intense manhunt, when authorities closed in on Matt near Malone, N.Y., about 30 miles from the prison. There was a sound, perhaps a cough, in a wooded area. Police said a federal agent told Matt to surrender. When he refused, the agent fired and killed Matt. A stolen shotgun was recovered.

On Sunday, Sweat was shot twice by a New York State Police sergeant, who spotted him running along a road in Constable, less than a 10-minute walk from the Canadian border. He remains hospitalized in fair condition but has talked to investigators about the odyssey.

The saga of the most daring escape from a maximum security prison in New York doesn’t end with death and capture. It just takes a different twist as officials seek answers.


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