College closed due to ‘direct threat to campus safety’ – New York Post

A college in Washington state was closed Thursday in response to a “direct threat” to campus safety, university officials said.

A message posted on The Evergreen State College’s website said the campus had “closed immediately.” Additional details were not immediately provided.

“All are asked to leave campus or return to residence halls for instructions,” the notice read.

Messages seeking further information were not immediately returned, but a college spokesman told The Olympian that the closure was “out of an abundance of caution” due to a violent threat against the college received by law enforcement officials.

The shutdown follows weeks of unrest and protests at the Olympia college for what students characterized as institutional racism by some college employees.

Freshman Shayna Clayton told The Olympian that students of color aren’t treated in the same way as other co-eds.

“This institution is really (messed) up and racist,” Clayton told the newspaper last week. “We shouldn’t have to deal with that.”

Protesters, in a statement to the newspaper, claimed what began as “anti-black comments” on social media had turned into physical violence by police and repercussions for students who protested.

“Black trans disabled students are actively being sought out and confronted by campus police constantly, police are refusing to explain their actions and harassment,” the statement read. “Students will not stand for this anymore, as students of color have never felt comfortable on campus and have not been treated equally.”


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