Coalition forces kill ISIS leader connected to Paris attack – CNN

The source said that one of the surviving concertgoers at the Bataclan music venue told investigators that one of the gunmen asked another of the attackers whether he was going to call an individual called “Souleymane” as the attack was ongoing. The second attacker replied, ‘No,’ and chided the other attacker, telling him to speak in Arabic rather than in French. Souleymane is one of the known aliases of al Mouadan.

Al Mouadan was a close associate of Samy Amimour, one of the Bataclan gunmen, according to the source, who said both were investigated in 2012 for suspected terrorist activity. According to Le Parisien newspaper, which on December 21 first reported details about the discussion of a call to Souleymane inside the Batclan, al Mouadan traveled from France to Syria in 2013.

The source said that French inspectors don’t suspect al Mouadan of having a senior role in ISIS, despite the coalition labelling him an ISIS leader.

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