Clinton’s post-Labor Day strategy – CNN International

Washington (CNN)A policy and a political move by Hillary Clinton, fresh reporting on Bernie-mentum, an overseas election that could impact the one here at home, and a Trump-inspired twist on an old proverb — those stories filled our “Inside Politics” forecast.

1. Hillary Clinton tries to turn the page from email controversy

What do the Ellen DeGeneres show and a big speech on the Iran nuclear deal have in common?

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny connected those dots as he shared reporting on how the Clinton campaign hopes to change the subject as it emerges from the Labor Day weekend.

“We’re going to see Hillary Clinton a lot more than we’ve seen her over the last few months or so,” said Zeleny. “She’s on the ‘Ellen’ show on Tuesday, she’s giving an Iran speech Wednesday. Later in the week she’s rolling out a new campaign finance plan.

“So she’s trying to combat all of these questions about email by actually getting out there, answering more questions and trying to talk about policy more than we’ve seen so far. They know the emails are not going away, but they want to try to add to the soundtrack of her campaign.”


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