Clinton and Sanders address Flint water crisis on CNN’s Snapchat – CNN International

Sanders called the situation in Flint “unacceptable” and “beyond comprehension.”

“We are going to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, we’re going to rebuild the pipe system, the water system here in Flint, we’re going to make sure that all of those people affected have the health care that they need and that those that were affected also get the educational opportunities that they need,” he said.

During the debate, both candidates were asked about the water crises in Flint. Both Sanders and Clinton called for accountability and expressed outrage.

Clinton and Sanders: Michigan gov. should resign

Sanders had previously called for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to resign, which he repeated on Sunday, saying, “The governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible. He should resign.”

Clinton voiced her agreement for the first time on stage on Sunday.

“I agree the governor should resign or be recalled,” she said, adding, “But that is not enough. We must focus on what should be done for people of Flint. It is raining lead in Flint and the state is derelict in not coming forward with the money that is required.”

Sanders on ending the city’s water bills

Sanders drew applause when he proposed ending the city’s water bills and refunding what residents have paid in recent years.

“First thing you do is say, people are not paying a water bill for poison water. And that is retroactive,” he said. “You are playing three times more for poison water than I am paying in Burlington, Vermont, for clean water.”

Clinton on other communities with water issues

“We have a lot of communities right now in our country where the levels of toxins in the water, including lead, are way above what anybody should tolerate,” she said. “We have a higher rate of tested lead in people in Cleveland than in Flint. So I’m not satisfied with just doing everything we must do for Flint, I want to tackle this problem across the board,” she said.


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