Christie warns third party candidacy would get Hillary Clinton elected – Politico


Chris Christie’s argument was a clear reference to Donald Trump. | AP Photo

A brokered convention or a third-party run will have only one outcome, Chris Christie warned Monday: Hillary Clinton in the White House.

“There’s been a lot of wild talk lately about third-party runs, or a brokered convention, or big GOP donors switching to the Democrats if they don’t like our nominee,” the New Jersey governor said in a speech at Saint Anselm College’s Institute of Politics in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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“I understand that a certain amount of bluffs and threats are thrown around in any hotly contested election, but do not be fooled; any significant division within the Republican Party leads to the same awful result,” he continued. “Hillary Clinton taking the oath of office in January 2017.”

Christie’s argument was a clear reference to Donald Trump, who has floated the idea of a third-party run as recently as November. The window for waging that kind of candidacy hasn’t closed, and many in the GOP discount Trump’s subsequent comment that he is “totally committed to the Republican Party.” Others worry that a closely fought nomination battle will leave the GOP without a clear standard-bearer until the party convention in July.

Speaking to those concerns, Christie added, “This country cannot afford that outcome, and thus we Republicans have a duty — a profound, moral duty — to work together.”

Christie also softened his attack by casting voters supporting Trump and other outsider candidates as nonetheless loyal Republicans.

“Yes, there are many Republican voters who are supporting what the media calls ‘protest’ candidates like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson. But most if not all of these same voters are loyal Republicans who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, John McCain in 2008, and President George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004,” he said.


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