California ballot propositions rake in a record $473 million in campaign cash – Los Angeles Times

This year’s crop of state propositions, the most appearing on a California ballot in 16 years, has attracted campaign contributions of $473 million, a record.

By comparison, a Times review of campaign finance reports and daily campaign disclosures found total contributions to the 17 ballot measure campaigns are roughly twice what Republican candidate Donald Trump has reported raising for his presidential campaign. The Times review includes cash donations to campaigns, as well as non-monetary donations like staff time and even loans that are expected to be repaid.

The total is on pace to break the previous record from 2008, when ballot measures generated $471 million in contributions, according to data since 2003 compiled by the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

Ballot measure campaigns: $1 million a day

On average, more than $1.5 million has been raised every day this year to influence the outcome of propositions on the November ballot. In the last few weeks, the rate of donations has increased dramatically. On Oct. 19, ballot measure committees reported a one-day total of more than $24 million in donations.


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