Bobby Jindal faces an uphill fight in the crowded 2016 field – CNN

Washington (CNN)Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, once a Republican rising star who passed on an opportunity to seek the White House in 2012, announced his candidacy on Wednesday under much more trying circumstances.

Jindal announced his bid over social media, just hours before hosting a kickoff rally.

“I’m running for President of the United States of America. Join me,” Jindal tweeted, with a link to his website’s announcement page.

At his rally in Kenner, Louisiana, Jindal sought to promote himself as a bold leader who not only talked the talk but walked the walk as governor of Louisiana.

“The big government crowd — they hate what I have done,” Jindal said to the crowd of about 500. “I am guilty as charged, and our state is better off for it today. We have had enough of talkers, it’s time for doers. I’m not running for president to be somebody, I’m running for president to do something.”

But if he wants to compete in the expansive Republican field, he’ll have to resurrect a reputation that has fallen significantly in recent years. Jindal is now polling toward the bottom of the field, registering at just 1% in the latest CNN/ORC poll.

Jindal’s popularity in his own state has suffered — a recent poll has his approval at 32% — thanks to budget troubles and perhaps a preoccupation with playing to a national audience. His refusal to raise taxes to help balance the state’s books has resulted in deep cuts to popular programs and areas of government spending such as health care and education.


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