Bloody bat found at scene of DC mansion murders – CNN

Washington (CNN)A bloody baseball bat was recovered from the Washington mansion where four people were murdered last month, according to freshly unsealed court documents.

A search warrant and accompanying affidavit associated with the home where Savvas, Amy and their son Philip Savopoulos, as well as their housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa were found dead last month were unsealed this week, adding another layer of detail to the gruesome murders.

“Located in a bedroom on the upper level, was what appeared to be an adult male with apparent trauma to the rear of his head. Also in that same bedroom, was what appeared to be an adult female with lacerations to her throat and head,” the affidavit, issued by Detective Damion Johnson, reads.

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Also in the same room was a third “unknown individual, who was receiving CPR, was transported to a local hospital,” a description that matches the outcome for housekeeper Figueroa, who died after being rushed to the hospital.

In the room with the three adults, detectives found “a baseball bat with what appeared to be blood on it.”

In another bedroom on the second floor — where Johnson writes that the fire “appeared to have been ignited” — detectives found “an adult individual (gender unknown) suffering from severe fire damage” to their body.

    Previously unsealed court documents revealed that to be the family’s 10-year-old son, Philip, whose body was found on the charred remains of a queen-sized bed in a bedroom on the second floor.

    The search warrant, which was issued on May 14, requested access to the house and any forensic evidence, including “photographs, diagrams, clothing, hairs, fibers, DNA,” that would help them solve the crime.

    At that time, the details of the murders — how, why and who committed them —¬†were a mystery.

    Authorities have since said they believe the four were held hostage, beaten and stabbed to death, after which the Savopoulos family’s $4.5 million mansion was set ablaze.

    The story puzzled investigators and gripped the nation for weeks as law enforcement searched for and eventually arrested a suspect — Darron Dellon Dennis Wint, a former Maryland resident.

    He’s been charged with first-degree murder, and while he remains the lone suspect, police say they believe he had help.


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